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Tetra Tower: Tetris Stacking Game, 40pcs

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  • Promotes group play
  • Exercises hand eye coordination
  • Helps with brand development
  • Comes with 40pcs in the box

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Have fun with friends and family while you get smarter with Tetra Tower

It’s like Tetris, but instead of moving blocks around on a screen, you have to stack them in real life. This will keep you entertained for hours!

Tetra Tower looks amazing, all bright and colourful, like a big game of Tetris. See how well you can pile up the pieces, making nice even lines for loads of points.

Promotes Group Play

You can play on your own if you want… but it’s even more fun with friends or family. Have competitions to see who can build the highest tower! Great for bonding and showing off those skills.

Safer Alternative to Wooden Games

And don’t panic – it’ll survive more than a couple knocks and bumps. Plus it’s small enough that you can take it wherever you go.

Good for the Brain

But guess what? Using your brain while having fun is healthy! Tetra Tower makes you think hard and helps improve hand-eye co-ordination too; not to mention being totally addictive. Get yours today – start stacking!

  1. Gina Nimmer

    My husband and I have had fun playing this! Awesome concept. Easy to learn. We flip over the balancing base and our 3 year old son will join in to “play” too.

  2. Amanda Bensick

    We had a various ages playing this game from.young to elderly and everyone thoroughly LOVED the balancing experience it caused us to think through! We are hooked!!! We need more games like this!! Thankyou!!!

  3. Janet A Hughes

    Bought this as a side challenge for our annual vacation along with bingo and yard games.

    Really neat and different game. I actually lost a round to my 4 year old. I did like how it made him think of where to place the pieces base on the shape and counter balancing. He had no problem even sliding the pieces in to spots.

    Fun for adults too. More challenging the less sober they are.

  4. Peixin He

    This was a great purchase. We are a family of 4 and there is enough pieces for us to play a full round. It is a fun way to get the kids together for game night. I will purchase a second set for adult game night.

  5. Becky Sue

    It’s a lot of fun for the family! We have a 12 and 14 year old and once a week we play games as a family. It was easy to learn and fun to play! The kids love it as much as the parents.

  6. Nora Sobrado

    I gave this as a gift and at first I was worried as the box is small. Once we played it we were addicted to it. It’s very fun and the cards make it challenging since they tell you which blocks to pull. You can place the bricks any way which gives you options to go out and up! Very fun for all ages

  7. Brett Jones

    My family plays this every other night now. My four year old, 12 year old, fiance, and myself all enjoy this game very much. You can make up your own rules too to switch it up.

    A four year old will struggle to stack these pieces without failure when there’s a bunch, but with a little guidance, this game is a great and easy 30-60 minutes at the end of the night. I highly recommend this game to any tetris fan or anyone looking for a fun family game that is a little different.

    The pieces are high quality will never break and it stores in a small enough box to bring it on trips too. I recommend this game 100%.

  8. JV Haynie

    This was a Christmas present for my granddaughters. We enjoyed playing it. It does not take long to play or require special skills. It is easy to set up and clean up.

  9. Donna S. Joyce

    I bought this game for my nieces for Christmas and we played it after dinner and it was a lot of fun. Not sure if it was supposed to come with directions but it didn’t have any but I had watched a couple videos on how you are to play it so we didn’t need them but thought it was odd that it didn’t tell you anywhere how to play the game. Some pieces of the game you would question what it was for so I suggest you watch others on here or youtube on how to play.

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