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PowerBox 3D Printing Pen With 5 PLA Filament

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  • Ready to Use Kit includes:
    • 3D Printing Pen
    • 5 Starter Colours of PLA Filament
    • 3D Pen Holder
    • Step by Step manual
    • Power Adapter
  • Plug in, heat up, and start creating three-dimensional masterpieces
  • Beginner-Friendly Operation
  • Ceramic nozzle and premium motor
  • 2-minute auto-sleep function, anti-clogging features, and intuitive controls for a seamless doodling experience.
  • 1-year guarantee

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Start the journey of your imagination with PowerBox 3D Printing Pen that is inexpensive but has a high quality. It is made for designing things in 3D, drawing, doodling, and constructing simple shapes.

The 3D pen can be used as a family tool to promote better spatial reasoning among young ones who are yet to develop their creative abilities. This makes it ideal for spending some quality time together as a family where they can do something that is constructive and make them feel good about themselves in the process.

Some of its uses include making homemade presents, decorations or just fixing anything around the house thereby enabling you to save on repair costs. The 3D drawing pen is perfect for anyone intending to work on different projects since it has an unlimited speed function.

Ready-to-Use Kit for Endless Doodling: The 3D Pen arrives with a ready-to-use kit, including 5 colours (1500 cm) of PLA plastic, a power adapter, step-by-step manual and 3D pen holder. Plug in, heat up, and dive into the fun of creating three-dimensional masterpieces. Versatile and user-friendly, PLA plastic is perfect for both first-time users and advanced creators.

Beginner-Friendly Operation: Experience hassle-free creativity with the PowerBox 3D Pen’s beginner-friendly features. Simply plug the adapter into the pen’s back, select your filament, and watch as the red light signals the warm-up process (approximately 2-3 mins). Double-click the forward button to start, feed the filament through the back, click forward to stop, and press and hold for continuous flow. Complete your design, and easily retract the filament by pressing and holding the reverse button.

Multi-Functional Innovation: The PowerBox 3D Pen adapts to various creative needs. Temperature adjustable for PLA (160-210℃, 320-410°F) or ABS (210-235℃, 410-455°F) filaments, it stands out with its stepless speed slider for easy and optimal speed adjustment. Perfect for projects ranging from slow, intricate designs to faster infill work.

Safe & Risk-Free Purchase: Engineered for safety and high performance, the 3D Pen features a ceramic nozzle and premium motor to prevent clogging. Additional safety measures of the 3D Pen include a 2-minute auto-sleep function after 3D doodling stops, anti-clogging features, and intuitive controls for a seamless doodling experience. With a 1-year guarantee and responsive customer service, your purchase is risk-free. Buy with 100% confidence, and if you encounter quality issues or need tips to get started, feel free to reach out – we’re here to help.

  1. Chris Kurth

    This is so great, I recommended it to my friend and they got it too. I have a 3D printer, but some things are better suited freehand. This allows you to break free of restraints of build plate restraints and allows you to do things that may fail on a printer because you can vary the control yourself, like a vertical standing string.

  2. Tina Murphy

    So far it’s been a breeze, my 8 year old has been playing with it for days!! She even showed me how to use it and my husband!! Lol

  3. Ron Riegel

    In comparison to the 3doodler I had before, I like this one more. I haven’t figured out how to draw in the air for 3D objects like you can easily do with the doodler. This one is more comfortable to hold and draw with. Feeding it takes a little bit of effort.

  4. Martina N. Rodgers

    I watched a couple basic starter videos to familiarize myself with this and assumed I would do the first project while he watched but he jumped right in. He is usually not the most patient but he took his time with this and did great! We used wax paper taped on the table and I traced a pair of glasses that he already has (instead of stencils) so the fit wouldn’t be an issue. He has lots of plans for his own creations.

  5. Megan Stober

    Got this for my kids for Christmas and it’s a big hit. Super easy set up. First time we got them out my 8 and 10 year olds played with them for almost two hours. No jamming issues ( but it’s only our first use). Didn’t feel like they were flying through filament. They both probably a roll each. But we did have back up on hand. huge hit. They were easier to use then I expected but take some practice. My kids are caught on to how to use it pretty quickly. Good find seems to be a good brand.

  6. Peter L.

    I highly recommend this 3-D pen for beginners. While the directions may be a bit challenging for kids to read on their own, it’s best to have a parent assist. My daughter and I found it helpful to watch a few YouTube videos to learn how to get started. Once we got the hang of it, we found it easy to use and it worked well. you’ll need to think creatively to use it without a template. Using this pen has kept my daughter engaged and focused, allowing her creativity to flourish.

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