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16 Colour Lights – Dinosaur Night Lamp Plug In / Battery with Remote Control and Versatile Features

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  • Innovative Design: Smart Touch Base, dual power options (battery or USB), and a remote for convenient operation.
  • Vibrant Features: 16 colors, dimmable settings, and four dynamic color modes (flash, strobe, fade, smooth).
  • Versatile Gifting: Ideal for kids, teens, family, and friends on various occasions.
  • Whimsical Charm: Doubles as functional decor, adding a touch of creativity to any space.
  • 3D Illusion Effect: Laser-cut acrylic creates a captivating daytime perspective and a beautiful nighttime illusion.
  • User-Friendly: Remote control with easy operation, offering numerous color choices and modes.
  • Color Variety: Display seven single colors through touch control or 16 models using the remote.
  • Nighttime Comfort: Gentle, non-dazzling, and non-flickering glow for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Practical Companion: Battery-operated option for nighttime use, adjusting brightness as needed.
  • High-Quality Build: Base touch control, remote control, dimmable settings, and durable construction.
  • Power Options: Operates with 3 AA batteries (not included) or a 5V USB cable (included).
  • Customer Assurance: Backed by a 100% MONEY BACK Assurance for customer satisfaction.
  • Product Dimensions: 18cm X 15cm X 8cm

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Unique & Whimsical Lighting – Explore the features of our innovative lamp, including a Smart Touch Base, dual power options (battery or USB), a convenient remote, 16 vibrant colors, dimmable settings, and four dynamic color modes: flash, strobe, fade, and smooth. This lamp not only serves a functional purpose but also stands as an exceptional design piece that appeals to everyone. Ideal as gifts for kids, teens, family, and friends, these LED lights are perfect for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, anniversaries, housewarmings, and graduations. The whimsical charm of these bedside lamps makes them unforgettable gifts that convey your love, especially as they light up the night.

3D Illusion & Remote-Controlled – Crafted from laser-cut acrylic, our bedroom decor lamp creates a captivating daytime perspective and transforms into a beautiful illusion in the dark. The accompanying remote control enhances convenience, offering a plethora of color choices and modes. Despite its seemingly complex appearance, operating the remote is both simple and enjoyable—just start pressing buttons, and you’ll quickly grasp its functionality.

16 Color Variations – Unleash the creativity of our LED desk lamp that seamlessly combines various toys. The lamp can display seven single colors through touch control or 16 captivating models using the remote. This diverse color palette allows you to coordinate the lighting with the ambiance of your room. The 3D illusion LED lamps make for an exceptional room decor, creating a lively and colorful atmosphere.

All-Night Companion – Our LED night light ensures a soothing and gentle glow that is eye-caring, non-dazzling, and non-flicker. The lamp serves as a perfect bedtime companion, casting a calming light to dispel darkness and provide comfort. Additionally, it’s practical for nighttime bathroom visits, thanks to its battery-operated option. Adjust the brightness to create just the right ambiance without disturbing the household’s restful night.

High-Quality Standards – Our kid night light features a base with touch control for a 7-color display, as well as a remote control offering a 16-color display. With smart touch functionality, remote control, dimmable settings, and four color modes, this lamp caters to diverse preferences. It operates with either 3 AA batteries (not included) or a 5V USB cable (included), ensuring prolonged use and practicality. Backed by a 100% MONEY BACK Assurance, your satisfaction is our commitment.

Product Dimensions:

18cm X 15cm X 8cm

  1. Sean O’Neil

    This was the item my granddaughters (4 1/2 and almost 3) could not stop playing with. Loved the remote and changing the colours. Each one got one and I loved the fact both remotes controlled both mermaids. They didn’t have to remember which remote went to which one. Colours were great during the day. Can only imagine them at night.

  2. Byron D. Jackson

    Got this for my son. He really likes the different images and all of the different light options. The remote control is great for changing the lights easily. He mostly uses it at night as a night light. Great product and would definitely recommend.

  3. Faye E. Branstetter

    MUCH cooler in person than in the pictures! This is a Christmas gift for my grandson. Can’t wait to see his face!!

  4. Rachel Rae

    Super cool nightlight with multiple colour fade options and brightness adjustments. My little guy loves it

  5. Terri Newman

    Bought this for my grandson and we all love it. His favourite characters and it has an awesome glow. Bought my granddaughter a similar lamp with unicorn, she just absolutely loves it.

  6. Michelle E Li

    I bought this for my grandson at Christmas time and my daughter called me to tell me that he does not go to bed without this on every single night. It looks just like it is in the picture and it works great. Definitely would purchase again

  7. Samantha Smith

    This was a Christmas gift for my niece. She loved it. She’s 12. I actually want one for my classroom! Definitely makes a cool gift.

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