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2.4G Remote and Hand Controlled RC Stunt Car High Speed Racing Car

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🏁 RC stunt car with dual control options: remote control and hand gesture control

🏁 Perform mind-blowing stunts and tricks with precision and ease

🏁 Experience seamless control and responsive handling for thrilling racing action

🏁 Exciting hand gesture control allows for intuitive and impressive maneuvers

🏁 Durable construction for withstanding intense stunts and rough play

🏁 Powerful motor for high-speed performance and adrenaline-pumping races

🏁 Innovative design with vibrant LED lights for a visually stunning display

🏁 Versatile terrain adaptability for conquering various surfaces

🏁 Engage in dynamic races, spins, flips, and jumps for endless excitement

🏁 Perfect gift for RC enthusiasts, offering hours of fun and entertainment.

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Unleash the excitement of high-speed racing with our 2.4G Remote and Hand Controlled RC Stunt Car. This thrilling racing car combines innovative features and exceptional performance for an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other.

Equipped with both a 2.4G remote control and hand control capabilities, this RC car offers versatile maneuverability. Take control with the remote for precise handling or engage the hand control mode to perform jaw-dropping stunts and tricks with simple hand gestures.

Prepare to dominate the race track with this car’s high-speed capabilities. Experience heart-pounding acceleration and exhilarating top speeds that will leave your competitors in awe. Whether you’re racing on smooth surfaces or tackling challenging terrains, this car’s powerful motor and superior traction ensure unmatched performance.

Designed for stunts and flips, this RC stunt car delivers impressive aerial acrobatics. Execute thrilling jumps, spins, and rolls with precision, captivating your audience and adding an extra level of excitement to your racing adventures.

Built with durability in mind, this racing car can handle the rigors of intense races and rough play. Its sturdy construction and quality materials ensure long-lasting performance, allowing you to enjoy countless hours of thrilling racing action.

Product Details:

  • Control Options: 2.4G Remote Control and Hand Control
  • Speed: High-Speed Racing Performance
  • Maneuverability: Perform Stunts and Tricks with Hand Gestures
  • Motor: Powerful and Responsive
  • Traction: Superior Grip for Various Terrains
  • Durability: Sturdy Construction for Longevity
  • Battery: Rechargeable for Extended Playtime

Take your racing skills to new heights with our 2.4G Remote and Hand Controlled RC Stunt Car. With its versatile control options, high-speed performance, and exceptional maneuverability, this racing car is the ultimate choice for thrill-seekers and RC enthusiasts alike. Get ready to experience the rush of victory as you race, flip, and conquer the track like never before.


  1. Rocket

    comes with two type of controllers: a standard controller and a watch that you can wear and control it.
    very fun to play, lots of cool moves.
    great gift for kids. I highly recommend it.

  2. Pete

    this is a pretty cool little remote control car. the little dude forced it into a spin and then ran around it for an hour until he collapsed. this is now my new favorite toy. If you have a little boy with a lot of energy, I highly recommend this, great price for so much amusement and a great night’s sleep LOL. It looks cool when it lights up too, would make a great gift.

  3. Raul

    This car worked better outside than others I tested – on various surfaces. Wrist control is pretty good. A really fun toy!

  4. Raffy

    This isn’t your ordinary remote control car – it’s a true game-changer! The remote offers exceptional maneuverability over any terrain, while the hand remote takes things to a whole new level. No matter how they move their hand, the car glides gracefully in that direction. According to my kid, using the hand remote is not only cooler but also makes performing tricks a breeze. The car itself is impressively adaptive to the terrain, as we experienced during a camping trip where it flawlessly conquered a steep, rocky hill covered in loose dirt and debris, all without tumbling down. Truly an outstanding and thrilling experience!

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